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I walked around the door and looked Karyn in the eye. Tom was behind her and Karyn was about to hold onto the bedposts in readiness for Tom’s cock. ...“It‘s going up my arse,” she said, matter-of-factly, “I love it up there,” she continued, as she closed her eyes with the impending penetration. I watched as Tom slid his cock into her. I knew that my pussy was more than wet, even without me touching it. Karyn was a voluptuous thirty two year old at the time, and I remember wondering, when I first. Green means go. No one stops you when green comes; watch for it, let it shine, use it; trust it, don't fight against it. Colors rule, let them shine, no one survives the rainbow. Clears out the black clouds so you can see the blue. Pretty. Use the thunderstorms, lightning, thunder; your friends, terror in the skies, no defense. Trust the green, no matter what. The dead that are not dead will save you. Leave no one behind and get what you came for. Mess with the babies, remember the hurt, do no. I used to watch her cleavage while she cleans the home and many times she used to tie her nightie above her knee level and I used to just admire on them.Many times she noticed me doing so and she used to cover it by her hands. Once I had to sleep at her home as my uncle had gone to native place for some funeral they had a big bed on which she took the corner and kid in the middle. At midnight I tried touching her body near her shoulder and then I noticed she had no her bra which was clearly. ”“I think you need to come with me, Pet.”I looked over and there was a raven-haired woman, whose age I couldn’t make out, anywhere between twenty-five and fifty. She was wearing a short dark blue satin gown, with matching gloves and high heeled shoes. Kneeling at her feet was a woman who appeared a little younger wearing a very similar dress, but with no gloves and flat shoes. She was also wearing a matching collar. The Domme was stroking her sub under the chin and their eyes were locked.“Yes,.

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