My nose tickled her clit and prompted further screams, then five or ten minutes of rolling and loud moaning. She finally pushed my head away but held ...nto my hair. ‘Holy fucking gila monsters, Ron, I have *never* felt anything like that before! I can’t even sit up now! What the fuck did you do to me? Damn, if your fingers and tongue are that good, what’s your cock like? Put that thing in me, NOW!’ With my head and body attached, she pulled my hair towards her. My body followed, sliding north. " Or else what?" asked Mark, bringing his face so close to hers that she could feel his breath on her cheek. She wondered if he'd actually kiss her here in the office in front of everyone. Mark was such a bastard. She was sure he would. He'd do it without even a thought, her marriage and reputation, be damned."Or else we'll make sure that both you and your friend have problems," said Sally, snapping out of her near swoon. Mark was trouble. It was all she could do to keep from pulling her. I was soon led to a much nicer accommodation in a small guest room in one of the annex buildings of the church and my dreams for the remainder of the night were distinctly improved. It was a shock the next morning to find that my host, in fact, runs his church in the middle of possibly one of the largest nudist colonies in the country.When I stepped foot into The Church that early Sunday morning I realized I was quite badly overdressed. In fact, I was the only person in the entire church. We enjoyed the reception at my parents' home before catching our flight to Hawaii.I had been to Hawaii on a few occasions. That just comes from growing up in a family that is blessed with wealth. I knew that Trish was going for her first time. Rather than just stay in our hotel room for the entire week like some newlyweds might, I took Trish out and showed her many of the sites of the islands. Trish enjoyed the entire trip.As with any vacation, it ended much too soon. Our flight was going to.

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