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The lady in red’s husband, the other work colleague of the lady in black and the hostess (author here again: sorry for the long winded build up but ...e are getting there I promise), was about to get really lucky even though he wasn’t sure he liked the way the hostess had been so free and easy with his own wife’s apparel. The hostess said she was very pleased that the lady in black had become a member of the senior management team, well deserved and probably long overdue. She also said, in quite. By that time I felt my balls tighten I was going to blow another load deep into her and she was begging me to fill her up just as I unleashed load after load it was flowing out around my d*** I was spent and rolled off of her and laying next to her she twitched off and on for a few minutes while she looked at me I leaned over to kiss her neck when she told me she wanted to get on top and ride me for a change.I rolled onto my back my d*** starting to go limp she noticed and went straight to. That only encouraged me to take the next step a bit further. I smiled back at her and brushed my hand over her long blonde hair and over her neck. She blushed a little and her smile grew bigger as I moved closer and closer to her and finally put my arm around her waist. Slowly I pulled her to me until our bodies were almost touching, her lips were so close to mine and as I bent my head the to kiss her she had parted her lips a little and to my surprise, she kissed me back and put her arms. You are driving me wild." He fingers me to tame my fire, but it is not enough. "I need your cock, not your fingers." Removing his fingers, to undo his belt, he nibbles on my ear. My breaths are being expelled in short bursts as my anticipation peaks. Finally he rubs his head against my slit and a loud moan escapes my lips. His manhood is thick. My pussy tingles and a spasms shoots through me. He guides his cock to my entrance, and pulls me onto him. "AAArghhh. Uh Oh Oh my gosh. Dion Dion Dion.".

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