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Nothing. Quite. But then, just as I rolled back up onto the bed, there came another sigh followed by some rhythmic grunts like unh, unh, unh. Then, oh...yeah, oh yeah, do me!Jeez, was that coming from our girl down stairs?! My imagination went wild! Either Hae-Won was giving herself a good rub-off or she was getting fucked! That thought kicked off a few moments of insane jealousy but, wait! If she had a guest, I would have heard them talking, wouldn't I? I'd have heard two people grunting! Unless. I felt one finger start at the top of my ass crack and slowly slide down my crack. Shivers went through me as his finger worked its way lower into my more sensitive areas. When his finger reached my asshole I let out a deep moan. Frank swirled his finger around my asshole…spreading the lotion. All I could do was say in a needy voice, “Oh, daddy” over and over. Frank’s finger kept moving down to my pussy. His finger moved up and down my wet slit. I know he had some lotion, but I was producing. Her hands continued to slide slowly up and down homer’s long shaft.“Why don’t you lick it too lisa?” “Lick it? You mean like a lollipop?” “That’s right lisa just like a lollipop.”Lisa stuck her tongue out touching homer’s cock with just the tip. Finding that it didn’t taste bad lisa ran her tongue along homer’s shaft. Homer groaned his breathing coming in deep ragged gasps. Then lisa surprised him. Treating his cock just like a lollipop she slipped the head into her mouth and sucked on it.“Oh. She rubbed her clitoris watching us knowingly.“Try not to cum yet,” he whispered to me.Miss Williams was now swaying slowly, moving her hips with two fingers inside herself. They were still covered by the tiny piece of lace which did little to hide her actions. When she was satisfied with her initial arousal she removed her hand and walked towards the desk. She didn’t stop and continued until she was behind it next to us. She offered me her fingers, placing them directly under my nose so that I.

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