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If there is anything else..." No ... no I don't think so." We'll see ourselves out then."And they left.Ned sat down. He could think of nothing to say....I'll make a cup of tea," said Lady Jane, and started to do so as if on auto-pilot, her mind clearly elsewhere, eventually giving a cup to Ned, and sitting down with one herself.They sat there for the better part of an hour saying very little before the door opened and Desdemona, Lia's elder sister came in.Desi and Lady Jane were hugging and. “I…I…can’t believe it!” “Believe it, b*o. Our mom’s an i****tuous slut, and now we can play with her whenever she’s sleeping!” She pulled her pink panties over to the side. “Look,” she instructed her brother, “at how swollen and soaked my cunt is! I can’t wait!”Rob stared at his sister’s snatch with love and lust in his eyes, pondering what she had just told him.“Tomorrow, sweet sister. Tomorrow we finally get our share.” They were both nodding, as she pulled his prick out of the piss-hole of. I wanted so badly to be in my bed wearing a pair of soft panties… maybe some thigh highs too… I could not wait to get home and change that day and it made the day drag on even longer than usual. When I got home, I went straight for my naughty box. I pulled out panties, thigh highs, a garter belt, a little pleather skirt, and a super soft girl’s vee neck tee. I hopped in the shower and washed myself as quickly as possible. I shaved my ass and my pubes, being careful to go slow so I didn’t hurt. ” She kept sucking and using her sex toy tongue. He screamed, “I’m coming, I’m coming.”She felt his hard dick twitch and expand in her warm moist cock sucking mouth. She knew the load was coming. The first big spurt (invariably the biggest) down her throat was immensely sexually gratifying for my wife and triggered a huge orgasm for her.She always found it incredibly arousing to simultaneously experience her orgasm while sucking and slurping a mouthful of spurting cum. Her cunt explosion.

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