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He turned and tossed it to the sofa, than he stuck his thumbs in the waist band of the sweat pants and pulled them to the floor and lifted one leg at ... time out of them. I caught a glimpse of his gigantic tool, the head was massive and dark brown, the veins in the shaft stood out like they were ready to burst. Harry turned towards me and said 'didn't I tell you to takeoff those clothes.' Harry started towards me I took half a step backwards when he reached out and grabbed the bottom of my. "We don't have all day, you know." You heard the old bitch," Shelby whispered, grinning up at Kenny. "We don't have all day. Shoot that hot creamy spunk up my cunt right now. I have to get started on my honeymoon."Kenny tilted his ear toward the door, but there was no way of telling if Mrs. Grimes was still there. He began shafting his cock in and out of Shelby all over again, pinning her deep into the bed. His prick had lost none of its hardness. It was still a solid spike of meat warping her. She reached down and took off the condom. We both watched as she held it up so we could all see his load settling at the bottom. She sucked the outside, so that she could taste her own juices. Then she turned upside down so that his cum fell out into her mouth, down her chin, and in her tits. I shot my load then all over the hallway wall. His dick was hard again and tried to get back on top of her but the she stopped and perked her head up. “What?” he asked. “Did you hear that ?“she said. I. "What? Oh... Yeah." Only seems fair." Want me to go first?" Excellent."For the rest of the trip we traded stories about what Joey had told us about each other and sometimes gave our own versions. Nothing really embarrassing came up, not that we limited ourselves in that fashion. I guess you could say we bonded that way, and the more I got to know him, the easier it was to see him as one of us. Yet to this day can't explain what it was about him that made me feel that way. He was different, yet.

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