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Aise hi jab main use ek din chod raha tha to Sardar aaya, uske saath mein ek 50 ya 55 saal ki ek aurat thi, main Kusum ko chod raha tha. Who aurat aat... hi paas main baith gayi aur mujhse lund bahar nikalne ko kaha, jaise hi lund bahar who use haath mein lekar jaise napne tolne lagi, itne mein sardar bola, “kusum yehan aa , chal mera lund moonh mein le kar choos. Main dekhon tune ise kya sikhaya hai?” Kusum sardar ka lund choosne lagi, aur us aurat ne mera lund apne moonh mein le liya, aur use. . I'm sure he did." Maybe it would be OK if he got Coleen to do that for him? Would she?"Did it make you feel good, David?" His underage cousin had reclined on her back again but she was still fondling his softening tool."Yes Coleen... it was super. But you didn't cum, did you?" Come? What do you mean? I don't understand?" It's... like... do you ever play with yourself? Like? You know... feel yourself here," and he began to finger her sodden pussy."Uh... yeah... sometimes. Is that what.... "Kiss, me Lover!" she said andopened her mouth and parted her red lips expectantly.She closed her eyes and pushed her face towards his, needing to feelhis full lips and probing, fat tongue once more.As Ben's wide mouth completely covered hers, she touched his fat,moist, probing tongue with the tip of her own and breathed hercigarette smoke into his body.They probed each other's mouths with their tongues and swapped Susan'scigarette smoke as they kissed, taking each other's smoky breath. A soft moan escaped my companion's lips as my fingers caressed her breast. Her nipple hardened instantly. Her hips pushed backward, softly rubbing against my now fully awakened member.I caressed down her tummy and pushed my leg between hers, lifting her upper leg to make room for my fingers to tease between her thighs."Oh, yes," she sighed, pressing forward against my hand.Her lips were slick with her juices as I caressed them softly. I reached down between her legs and aligned myself at her.

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