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He finally got a job in the USA. With half his money going to repay the educational loan and some for his family expenses. He had nothing in his bank ...alance.His parents tried getting him a bride in his city. But they were alert enough to do a background check and then rejected him. He was already 31 but his hair was falling out. Then a marriage broker suggested getting a village girl as they don’t know much and would be docile to him once he married.His parents told them that the groom doesn’t. "What's wrong Steph?" I asked as I stepped closer to her.She looked up at me like a school-girl, her eyes red with her tears, and softly said "I've got to pee really bad." Don't worry, we'll get out of her soon," I offered, trying to sound convincing."But I've got to go NOW!" she said, opening her knees and moving her hands, showing me the small dark spot on the crotch of her pants where she obviously just had a small accident. "I was trying to get to the bathroom before I got on the elevator,". I left her pussy and climbed up the bed, my cock hitting her legs as i moved up her body, with her hand she reached out frantically for my red hot member grabbed it for dear life and strangled the fuck out of it wanking it fast and with her strong grip. She pushed it downwards towards her soaking minge and I said. "No, not yet. I want to saver this!" as i climbed further up her body and up to her big titties. I took my dick and pushed it between her breasts and pushed them together to tit-wank. He does this a few times, fingering her hard and deep until she’s about to cum all over his fingers, then stopping. Once he finally decides he will let her orgasm, he adds his pinky into her tight asshole. Pushing his way in, Kenny lets out a few gasps as her hole is stretched. John then begins to finger both her holes, hard and fast. Kenny moans hard on John’s cock and in no time at all, a powerful orgasm hits her. She keeps John in her mouth as she bucks in pleasure. Her legs shake as the.

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