"As Beth got closer she noticed what Theo was wearing. Hanging off hersmall and skinny frame was a white baggy tracksuit, it made Theo looklike she from the pleasure planet Risa in Star Trek. It was purewhite but now it was stained with dirt and grime. 'No shoes, she ranhere barefoot,' Beth thought." called me Theo..." Her lip quivered and her voice came outshakily."We... I believe you, we don't have any proof but we believe you."Beth paused as Theo's earlier comment puzzled. They then joined everyone else for breakfast. While they were eating Tom announced, "Today we're going to take a little break. We know no one can keep up a constant level of sexual excitement forever. We've still got a couple of days of initiation and then another five days before we have to go home. So, at least for most of today, the pledges will have a chance to relax. Today you're not quite full members, but just about. So first order of business is everyone down to the beach to swim, sun,. The drool was flowing out of her mouth and down her chin. She could imagine the picture that she was presenting The approval in the stranger's eyes was enough to tell her it was quite a visual. The whole experience was both humiliating and an incredible turn on. He walked closer to her and began running his hands over her small tits occasionally rubbing his thumb around her chin and lip and the rubbing her own spit over her nipples. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her shoulder as. At first I almost thought she had started talking to me. I held my breath realizing she was on the phone. Why would they park down the street and walk? That made no sense at all. "I'm going to put on that special outfit you like so much" she said.I could see her tiny bare feet from under the bed. Mom had always been super small. She ate like a football player but had the body of an angel. As I watched, her shorts became a pile at her feet. I damn near gasped. I laid my cheek to the carpet so I.

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