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Mandy grinned and squeezed her pussy gripping Lou’s softening cock inside her. “Not that!” she looked up at the ceiling of Lou’s flat, “You�...�re ceiling... I had wondered what it looked like...” “Really?” asked Lou somewhat bemused. “I assume you’ve never stayed in the Dorchester?” Lou pondered his answer with a grin on his face, “Can’t say that I have!” he pulled her even closer and tilted his head so his cheek rested against hers and looked up at the slightly cracked ceiling above them.. My sense of adventure had often been tempered by my upbringing and the conflicting needs to 'be a nice girl' and my burgeoning sexuality. Here I could let go of the responsibility for my actions, place them in safe hands. That was such an arousing thought. I looked around the space again, there was a fire burning brightly in the corner, throwing out warm lights as well as some heat. Wall fittings threw out the remainder of the soft light, leaving shadowy corners that I could not see into.. Christine was an assistant to a Japanese businessman James Tamika. His company made computer parts for companies all over the world.Dave did not even know if his sister was even in the country, let alone if she was at home. But it really didn’t matter, because Christine was not who he was there to see. Christine had given a spare set of keys to her brother, just in case he came into town one day, and if she was not around he could just let himself in and make himself at home.He used the keys. You might have to feel my chest to find it"Annie put her hands on Bill's chest and pushed down. "Is it there?" I don't think so" replied Bill. "It might be easier if I didn't have my shirt on"Annie giggled a little. "OK, will the patient please undo his shirt"Bill gladly did as he was told and unbuttoned his shirt. Annie continued her examination, placing her tiny fingers on Bills hairy chest."Does it hurt there" asked Annie again."Lower" replied Bill.She put her hands on his stomach. "There?".

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