Double toying

”I gladly gave an autograph for each of these lovely ladies.Suddenly, my mother said, “Did you used to sing professionally?” to Janice, who in the affirmative.“That was a long time ago, but yes, I did?”“Can I get your autograph?”In a matter of moments, they became friends, exchanging phone numbers in the process.They gave us a ‘Break a leg,’ and walked away. What nice ladies!We watched a few couples dance the Paso Doble. Granted we haven’t spent that much time on it ourselves, but they. She had to escape! It was bad enough that she had allowed herself to dosuch disgusting things to and for the wicked men who had used her, butto be discovered by the law in such a state was too much.The grunting sweating man between her legs managed to stroke in and outof Sheila's pussy just long enough to bring himself off even though heknew that the police were outside in the lobby. When his balls eruptedwith jism, he pulled out of her moist twat and let his wad shoot overher belly.He grabbed. .. its primary ingredient? You cannot be that stupid!”“It’s just exactly that ... and Mother in my dream told me to get it made. It took me years, over a hundred years I tell you, to find an alchemist talented enough to even comprehend this potion, let alone be able to gather and condense the most important primary ingredient. Years ... it took him – then I had to offer him three granted wishes too in payment. He wasn’t any fool and knew what this would cost him! He distilled me a few other. I could see John was getting hard again. I was still scared as hell and was not getting as excited as John was. Janet leaned over to me. She whispered in my ear that she wanted to watch me suck off John. I was shocked. I never in my wildest imagination would I think she would want to see that. I did not want to do it with her watching. Janet tried to encourage me. She whispered that she would suck me off and wanted to see who would cum first, me or John. Janet sucked my cock into her mouth. I.

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