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"Yeah the cereal is right there," I replied, looking at his beautiful green eyes. They were so gorgeous. I saw him take the box and pour cereal in his...bowl; he had a little bit more than I did. He began to pour milk into his bowl and said jokingly, "So you liked brown balls, huh?" I laughed and replied, "Oh, you know it." As I was sitting there, I kept wondering why hadn't he brought up about last night. I knew he saw me. This is the perfect moment to say something. I calmed myself and realized. She lowered herself enough to keep it there and said, “Ready Ross? Ready to consume my hot wet pink pussy?” “Uh huh,” he muttered as Brit’s entrance lingered on his cock head. “Are you sure? I want you to be comfortable since this is your first time.” Brit said, almost asking again. “I am comfortable,” Ross answered, but I looked over and his body was shaking. He was as nervous as he was scared. I laughed inside and knew this was going to be quick. I had a gut feeling. There was no way that. I was just laying the table when Jonny came into the kitchen."Anything I can do to help?" he asked.It was clear that he wasn't interested in helping because I never got asfar as a reply to his offer. He simply walked up to me, put his armsaround my waist and kissed me full on the lips. Then he started to feel mylegs around my stocking tops. Then he led me into a French kiss which wasvery erotic. Again I was aware of his scratchy chin but his tongue tastedsweet like honey.I was very aroused and. She just had an orgasm so was tired and laid there.I told her that I didn’t have a condom and she replied that she was operated so I could come inside her. Hearing this, I couldn’t control and inserted my entire dick inside her. I could see her eyes wide open, mouth large and wide and her voice “Aaaaaaahhhhh, uuuhhhhhhhhhhhh”. It was painful as she was still tired.I slowed down and again increased the speed. I held her by her waist and started thrusting so bad that she pushed me away to slow.

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