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She looked nervous, and I could tell she wanted to talk. As soon as I sat down she took my hands in hers. "I need to tell you something," she began. "... think you'll like what I'm about to say."She took a deep breath, and looked like she was building up her courage. I didn't say anything, I let her go at her own pace. Finally she said, "I slept with Ralph again." I mean, we didn't sleep together," she quickly corrected. "But we had sex again."She looked at me expectantly. She was afraid. "Are. Then I felt hands on my hips and something rubbing across my pussy lips. Oooh it did feel nice. Tom must have come in the back way and was continuing where he had left off. Oh yes, I was enjoying this feeling as the cock started to push it's way between my lips and go deeper inside my pussy. In, out. In, out. Gently fucking me deeper with each stroke. Then faster and faster, my climax was building as the cock shot it's hot spunk into me. My climax kicked into action as I came and came.It was. " Dollars tossed me her handcuffs. Jorgie had an AR and looked ready."Abraham, be careful. I will not be widow before I'm married."I smiled. "I'm always careful." Be more careful." Yes, Dear." I embraced her being careful of her arm. I went into Jenson's old office. I helped my prisoner out of the chair and cuffed him. "We are going to ride out to that farm and clear it out." I don't think he was happy but I really didn't care. We left moments later with Jorgie holding a pistol on the guy. On. She just moved her head slowly from one side to another. With only one finger, I started to move around her feet and anklet. I was noticing her all the time; as it was ticklish; she was getting excited with every inch movement of my finger over her smooth skin. I got bit closer and stared to kiss her face. I started with forehead, cheeks and then slowly moving to her neck like a vampire. I felt something moving on my back, which was her hand smoothly caressing my back. I removed my shirt and.

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