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I had to be at her homeAt 7:30 A.M. sharp Saturday. I said we have an out of town game Friday night, and that itWas be almost impossible for me to be at that time. Mrs. Blake fat white assSaid be there at that time or the deal is off. I walked out of her class in a mixed moodI was happy that she was giving me a second chance but I was pissed that I Would have to miss out on rest after playing a tough divisional opponent.As I figured that game Friday was a tough and physical one, we wonBy. Six spanks with the hairbrush later and the question repeated by Sarah and he suddenly found his tongue. “Yes Mum …erm I mean Sarah” he said quickly. Not too clearly. But Sarah understood. “That’s Ok Kevin. It shows how much you know I am running things around here. Just like your Mum did at home. Good, so, go and face the wall for five minutes with your hands on your head. That’s what your Mum had you do didn’t she” Sarah stated. Without a word a naked Kevin crawled off his wife’s lap and went. She does have much smaller breasts than Claire, only being a 34B but they are firm and pert for her age. Finally, Claire’s little sister, Isla. Isla is sixteen years old and beautiful, she is still developing but when she is finished growing she will be a fine looking woman. I have a feeling that she will have small breasts like her mother as at the moment she is only a 32A. She is forever saying that she wished she had boobs like Claire. But she looks damn fine regardless even though she has. That seemed to catch her off her guard. Still sitting in front of her, I changed the tone of my voice to be a little more demanding and said, "Rub your pussy with your fingers and let me taste you."She hesitated a second, and mumbled "Oh god" and then I felt her start squirming around. A second later her fingers, dripping wet, slid around in front of my face. I took her hand and sucked her fingers into my mouth. She squeezed me in-between her legs and stood up. "I can't wait any longer, lets go.

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