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The next morning, in the office, I was just refreshing myself on the issues for my first meeting when there was a knock on my open office door, it was...Myra."Have you got a couple of minutes?" She asked, and I noted that she looked pleased with herself."Sure." I answered, putting down my papers and leaning back in my chair."It's just that I thought you'd like to know that I think we're onto something with the value of Marston Abbey."I noted the 'we're' in that statement, but smiled and said. She was a gorgeous looking girl with 34B tits and a cute bubbly ass in her loose clothes. The alcohol got me horny as fuck. After grabbing her drink, she came so close to me and sat. She said, “My neck is paining” and lied on my lap. That was it. She felt the hardness and gave me a lusty look and said, “Why are you so hard?”.I stammered and said, “Can’t help it, you’re so sexy today”.Tania – Ohh, so I am the reason eh? How big is he?Me – Yes, you are. And he is 6 inches long and 3 inches. " It didn't register, but I thought it odd.When we got home my dick was very hard. I asked her to put on thepurple set I had bought for her.She laughed and said, "Those were designed by men, so why don't you seehow comfortable they are?"I declined over and over but she said, "I will give you one hell of ablowjob if you do."So I did. My erection went down at first but when I slid the silkypanties on my dick got rock hard. She had a laughing spell that endedwith her saying, "I guess you like them. They bobbed up and down, as if they were floating on the surface, and my hands itched to reach out and feel them, to discover for the first time what it felt like to put my hand on a girl's flesh. I knew, though, that doing that would probably make her more than a little angry, and that she would want to get out right then. All I wanted was to stay there with her as long as possible, drinking in the sight of her creamy skin and revelling in the idea that I was so close to an almost-nude girl.I.

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