I started off once again increasing her pleasure 10 times. She cummed.” AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH”,”MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”as if a tap had been opened. Her ...um was salty but it sure did taste good. Now it was payback time. She pushed me over to the side and removed my underwear. She sucked my dick as if it was a kulfi and it sure looked like she was really enjoying it. I moaned “mmmmmm”.She knew how to make a man happy but she never had anyone fulfill her sexual desires and I was going to put an end to that. Luckily, he was ready and didn't drop me. I'm also lucky I didn't tear my skirt to shreds when I threw my legs around him. God he's a big man. Flashes of that pillar, and of oak trees crashed through my mind as I reveled in his scent.I mumbled something about how happy I was to see him, carefully using Jonathon, instead of what I wanted to say. As much as I hoped for, I wasn't ready to abandon our fiction no matter how thin in case he didn't feel the same way. He corrected me immediately, and I. .. No, it was exactly like that. Click!!! I was beginning to get the picture. Either time moves very differently wherever Will was from or his species has an unbelievably long life span. In either case, I now understood exactly what was going on. Will was basically a horny teenager who had gone to a peep show, fallen through the glass and couldn't get back into the audience. Now he was asking me to figure out was what caused him to fall through the window and somehow get him back."Tell me. . She walked over to him, her spear at the ready. “What are you doing here?”He stood up, his arms open to indicate he was unarmed. “Hey, Allie. I came to see you, to make sure you were okay.”“I’m ... fine...” she replied uncertainly.“And the baby?” He looked pointedly at her stomach.She moved her hand to cover her bare midriff. “How did you know?” Her period hadn’t come last week, and it had always arrived like clockwork before.He slowly moved a little closer. “I just knew it! We have a.

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