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I'm glad you guys could make it." Then began a series of good byes to his teammates, leaving him with Evan, Amira, and Annette from Trouser Minnows. A...nette's eyes were bright. "That was amazing, wasn't it? That's the best I've ever seen them. If they don’t get on that tour, that A&R guy is in the wrong business." "Your mouth to God's ear," Lara said with a grin as she walked over. Annette laughed and leaned in for a hug. "Where's your fearless leader?" "On her way." Lara jerked a thumb back to. So eager to kiss White people’s butts that they don’t realize a fundamental truth about White people. Um, White folks don’t like anyone who isn’t White. I mean, Jews in 1940s Germany weren’t considered White enough for Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, so people of color, Asians included, aren’t going to get into their good graces anytime soon. Hey, I’m just saying. I walked away from the couple inside the university center, and headed to the library. On my way there, I saw a couple of hijab-wearing. .. not really." She admitted. "Sometimes it would be so much easier if I were normal." You are normal." I'm gay, Shawna..." Right? And why isn't that normal?" How long have you got?" Damn — you need to talk to Marcus about this, you really do. I don't know how he does it — let's face it, he's a long, long way from what most people would consider normal — but he manages to make the differences seem irrelevant." Oh, hell..." What?" Marcus... he said he'd help me tomorrow, with some. "There isone thing we're going to need before we take care of the baby, you know,"she said with a sly grin, and Richard realized that she was looking overhis shoulder at Zoe."Practice?" Zoe asked, returning the smirk. The two girls were decisivelyon the same wavelength."You guessed it, and look! We have our volunteer," Susie replied,grinning widely, getting up and going upstairs while Richard's big sisterwatched over him. A wide smile graced his face as she placed his paddedmittens over his.

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