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He tucked the blanket under his arm and took her hand with the other. They strolled on the wet sand in comfortable silence. Every so often they would ...ass other people, but after a while they were alone with the crashing waves, the light breeze, and the moonlight. ‘I haven’t felt like this in a long time,’ she finally said. ‘Like what?’ They came to a large wall of rocks that extended from halfway up the beach out into the water. She took the blanket from him, laid it out on the dry sand, and. Hey Angel. Whats going on? he asked curiously. Here, Angel held the beer out to him have a drink. He took the drink with a sincere thanks. Angel smiled gently at the man. He was truly a good man. He knew the girls werent simply dancers, and he knew none of them liked what they did. But he never once judged them. Angel remembered when she first met him, how she hated him. She felt anyone willingly working a job at the club was endorsing in the lifestyle that the girls so desperately didnt want. I was so glad the wrapping held. The cover was bright purple and pink with the cover photo that depicted a woman, a very sexy woman too, with burgeoning breasts, slim waist, pinkish hair that flowed down her back with what can only be described as tentacles to die for; more than the eight it should have come with, but I wasn’t arguing with that and figured she got more for her money.The packaging declared: that it could be charged by USB, that it could be used in water (it actually said shower. Her top was bare and then I touched her back with my chest. I kissed her neck and put my tongue to her ear. She closed her eyes. She moved her ass in excitement. I wanted to remove her pajami from back so that I can see and feel her ass.I took my hands under her belly and unknotted her nada pajami got loose. I started kissing at her back downward when I reached the curve of her spine. I started pulling her pajami and panty together. I did not want to give a chance for her also to say no to it..

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