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Then Mr Lewis moved to my virgin hole. "Virgin?" He asked, I nodded in response I started moving his finger in slowly and painfully, to try and stretc... me a little. I hurt and I made him stop. "Tracey, it's going to hurt, but if you want me to stick my cock in now, it will hurt more. But it will be quicker. It's up to you." He said kissing my virgin hole tenderly. "Fuck me" was all I said, breathless Mr Lewis smiled and lined his dick up with my cunt hole. In one fluid motion, he pushed in,. " I didn't mean it that way. It was just a suggestion." I can see what you'd get out of it." Forget it," I snapped, "this is a waste of time." I won't forget it. I want to know why this change in you all of a sudden." What do you want Vanessa? What would you like me to do to make things better between us?"She stared at me, caught off guard by the change in tack."Well?" I demanded."I don't know," she admitted sadly. "I really don't know." I could give up the course," I suggested. "Move back here. She had a long police history of exhibiting bizarre behavior and apparently she had gone off of her medications. They packed her off to a county mental hospital where they kept her in a padded room for about five months. She turned up at the café again right after her release, once again off her meds and began raving about all of the letters I had sent her, begging for us to get back together again. We called the police again and she's back in the farm once more. She just refuses to take her. ”When she looks my way, I’m smirking with one eyebrow raised. She punches me in the arm, “heard that did ya?““Hard to miss.”“Well, it’s not like you always invite the quiet ones to your bedroom, what’s her face, Rachel?”“I don’t remember Rachel being very loud, it must have been Alexandra, she was a screamer.”“Yeah well, sometimes a girl needs to do something to get rid of the useless idiot in her bed.”“Tommy?”“That guy could find the clit even if a giant arrow was tattooed on my stomach.

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