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We smell like fresh roses!” “Yes. And you fart cinnamon and sunshine!” At that she playfully hits my chest with her open hand and then just leav...s it there. “Jess?” “Yes?” “Can you move your hand?” “Ok.” She then slides it down to my crotch and gives it a squeeze. The entire time she had her body pressed up into me, I was keenly aware of my left bicep nestled between her breasts. I was aware that she didn’t have a bra on. I was also aware of how great body smelled and her breathing quickened as. Do youunderstand?" Sure, Brian, I guess. What kind of penalties?" Nick was a bit worried.He couldn't really afford to live on his own and Brian was a greatroommate, but this talk of penalty was starting to remind Nick of hisparents. I can't move back in with them, Nick thought. They had kickedhim out a year ago after they caught him with weed and Brian was the onewho helped him get back on his feet."Each time you miss a rent payment you'll start that penalty and I'lltell you what the next one. They had me sit up on the tiled edge of the tub and took turns pleasuring my wet pussy. While one was at my pussy, the other came up and kissed me deep and hard. I was flooding with pussy juices and they were both drenched from having their faces buried there, tonguing my clit, slipping their tongues into my hot wet pussy. I moaned in ecstasy, as one tongue reached deep in my pussy, the other tongue danced with mine in the deepest of kisses. I could taste my sweet hot pussy in the kiss. . At that moment he looks up and smiles at me, so sweetly but with that hint of naughtiness that has been radiating from him all night. As I get lost looking at him the waitress brings our dinner out. We eat our fabulous dinner and chit-chat for the rest of the night as I watch the clock. Every once in a while I let my foot trail a little up his leg and he looks up and smiles. He reaches across the table for my hand and I give it to him and I feel him trace his fingertip along my palm. It takes.

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