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She kept my cock in her mouth for 2 mins even after I cummed to drain out everything I believe. Then I stripped her naked. Within a couple of minutes ... was hard again. Tossed her on the bed. I taunted her by rubbing my dick against her exposed pussy. She was squirming and begging me to stick it inside her. I said say ” fuck me” and then I would. She refused to say that the first couple of times. But with enough motivation and seduction she started begging me by whispering “Fuck me fuck me”.I. Well not to us, we're just in awe of you."Personally no, you're just Tina to me, but to Riley you might be this larger-than-life rock star. I've been there OK? Tony and I went through this. I just thought I was some poor crippled girl and a boy like Tony was so far out of reach it wasn't even possible. Hey I know it might embarrass you but maybe he can tell you how to handle it. It worked for me after all." Oh wouldn't that be interesting! I mean Tony and I can talk about anything, but this may. ‘I know. I practice real hard at it too. At least I have something I’m good at even if it’s being bad.’ With that I just cracked up. I almost fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard. I’d never seen any body, including George, tease Janny like that. I just couldn’t believe that someone would either, until Dar did. He really is surprising. When the others came back, they each had something. Sandra had Dar’s coffee in a big travel mug, and the others had plates of cake and ice cream. ‘We. She would slide her hand up my thigh and feel how hard my sex was, and I think she knew why.After doing this a few times, and having great sex afterward, I tried to egg her on to show more."I have an idea baby," I said as she kissed my neck, "why don't you wear that loose top you have next time, and lean over to show him everything."She paused. You see, the top in question looks respectable at first, and is made of a fairly heavy fabric, but the neckline has loose folds of material that, when.

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