"There's no one left to stay here. If you want, you can take my dogs with you. I don't know when I'm going to get a chance to get out and give them so...e exercise." I'll see if I can find Josh," Mark said. "If I can't, maybe I'll just hook up all ten dogs. Getting back to that relay is going to be a little hard, and it'll be easier to break trail with more dogs." I doubt that you're going to find Josh," Mike said. "He and Danny Evachevski were in here a couple of hours ago, and they said. All I did was to encourage you to go after what you already knew was there. Points of information about your clients and potential clients were nothing that you wouldn’t have deduced or at least intuited on you own. You were never fed any deep dark secrets that gave you an advantage. It was the boost in self-confidence you gained through your amorous association with Steffany and Leann that powered your success. If I played any role at all, it was merely as a catalyst. Consider the old saw,. She keeps spanking me in front of her friends and their Mum’s. How am I supposed to look them in the eye later on Mum?” “I do see that. Shall I have a word with her then?” “Look Mum, she spanked me yesterday and grounded me because I was five minutes late Mum. Just five minutes.” “You told me over an hour Alexis.” “Jaden forced me to say it Mum, she was twisting my arm and told me she would use several switches on me if I didn’t.” “I see.” Mum was thinking. I knew I had lied but I needed some. It was only ever made for me. No none was suppose to See them, ever.He stands up cock staring me in the face says he's going to go make us drinks.He grabs the remote an walks down stairs.It's just me and myself on TV now.I'm start getting turned on watching me moan while I spank and fuck myself on TV.He comes back up stars. Hands me my drink an drops a bag at my feet.Tells me that if i'm interested and want to keep this a secret go to the Bathroom, shower and put these on.I hesitate at first.

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