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It was at this eleventh year that a paper mill in the adjacent compound caught fire and completely burnt to ashes. It was then demolished and it made ...oom for a new housing sector. It was a three storied building and on each floor there were only one residential plot and so altogether there were three families who could live in that new building. My position on the adjacent flats was on the third floor and the buildings are built in such a way that the balconies were facing each other.Chapter:. As I alighted, I lingered a little, and feigned embarrassment when I realised my button had popped and re-buttoned it. Kadec's interest in us seemed to intensify and he stayed close, obviously receptive to my mischievousness.A quick tour of the monument and it was time again for some obligatory photos and Dave invited Kadec to stand next to me. As we shuffled around the inevitable happened and my top button popped to reveal a fair amount of cleavage. As it wasn't really a religious temple I. Oh my God you didn’t! You made me cum! Yes I did, I thought it was me dreaming, that’s why when I woke up and went inside, I was all wet I thought oh my God John will be really embarrassed if he finds out I was dreaming of... well what where you dreaming of Helen? Something firm? Well you know laughing it was a good hand hold and anyway you were touching me all over and now I know you were playing with me, you randy sod John, hang on Helen, you were wet when I got to put my fingers in you and. I came back just in 5 mins and open the back door and went into my room silently, at 11 a.m i heard some noice from hall, i went near to door and open it partielly, i saw him in the hall, he was sitting in the sofa, mom came near to him with smily face and sat beside him, they were chat for some time then he kissed on mom’s check, instead of angry she is looking at him with smile, they started kissing with passion for 10 mins.After that they went to mom’s room, then he started undressing mom,.

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