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Without further thought I dropped my keys in my pocket and went to thedoor. I looked through the spy hole, and listened to theirconversations, and hea...d one of them say that were going to the doornear the stairs so that he/she could hear if anyone was coming, but thatthe other person would have to come closer as they were too far away toget any decent pictures. As I could hear them moving away down thecorridor, I could see that the door opposite was still open. ImpulsivelyI unlocked my door as. I already had bought some drinks and snacks to enjoy the day. My girl called me around 11 am and told that she will reach by 11 30. In the meanwhile, the couples also called and told that they are on the way and will reach before 12’o clock. We all met exactly by 12pm at the hotel reception and I took them to my room. Since all of us were new to each other, we started discussing ourselves initially.The couples were sitting together on the sofa, I was lying in the bed and my girl was sitting in. And I so wanted to have the new help all sorted out for when my husband and daughters got home from college. It would be so wild.Tonya emerged and we headed up to pay. A guy with hairy arms and a tattoo of a scorpion on his neck ran the cash register. He was in his thirties, black hair, a bored look on his face as he flipped through a gun magazine. He straightened as we approached.“Hi,” I said. I pointed to Tonya. “If she blows you, can we have a discount?”The clerk glanced over at Tonya and. It was probably just something about being female.The part of the male genetic code that had evolved to deal with women alerted Bill to the danger now presented. He looked at his friend, his short, beautiful friend ... and decided that between the three of them there should be total honesty."Not in awhile," he said, softly. She looked over at him, heart in her eyes. "You were one of the first girls I... 'noticed', when such things started to matter, as I saw you every day at the bus stop, and I.

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