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I warned him, warned all of them that you were off limits.” he growled as he lowered the intensity.“Why are you . . . doing this?” I tried to my legs and pull the blanket across my lap again but Damon was faster, always is. He grabbed both of my wrists in one of his hands and stood behind the sofa, raising my arms over my head.“Hmm, even though I can’t see all of you from here, this view is quite tantalizing. I’m doing this because I want to, Lucy, because I’ve wanted to for a long time.”. There is in human beings a spirit of defiance that given the right thrust can rise up and make us strong in the face of adversity. It was in that moment this spirit rose up in Margot. She suddenly had a blinding vision of the fool she had been. ‘Damn him,’ she thought, ‘he walked out on me without even giving me a reason. He hadn’t even got the guts to come and collect his own things and face me, and I was stupid enough to get them together for him. He tells me he’s leaving me, walks out, and. Somewhere between kissing Bec and finishing work, it stopped being an issue and I was just being me. I felt really good, better than I had in a long time. I couldn't help but smile."That looks good on you," Mom commented."What? These?" I asked pointing at my chest."No, silly. Well, yes actually, but I was talking about that smile. It's been a while since I saw it. Wanna fill me in?"For the hundredth time in the last few days it was time to bring someone up to speed on what had happened to me.. “Did you see the way she kissed him?”“Are you jealous already?” Shayla laughed.“No, no!” he protested. “But, damn!”“They’ll make a great pair,” she said, feeling very self-satisfied.“My little matchmaker,” Kevin chuckled.“For my plan to work, though, you’re going to have to seduce her after dinner to get her naked.”“She doesn’t know about that?”“Well, she knows the three of us rarely wear clothes around here. But, the idea is that you start on her, get her naked, and then turn her loose on.

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