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Its 52 inch G sized titties (as punana must call them now) were heavy enough but Master had ornamented punana's nipples (as is His right) with a serie... of heavy iron piercings, from each of which hung weights of various shapes and sizes. The pain was incredible but punana must obey and please its Master.When punana had its body vertical, it moved its right leg into position and started to rise. It has become very, very difficult since the six-inch stainless steel heels were surgically implanted. “But I know it won’t be as good as your night.” “I think he saw you.” I laughed at Larry standing in my kitchen naked, his little hard cock pointing straight out. “No he didn’t.” Larry blushed. “So what’s next?” I said as I gripped Larry’s hard little cock and stroked it a couple of times. “Is that all you could think of to embarrass me?” Larry laughed. “Oh you want to be embarrassed some more?” “That’s up to you.” Larry smiled as I stroked his cock. “Well then, I think we should go for a. "Oh, my what a mouth, you bitch suck me, suck me," he growled, and Ibegan to do just that.His hands slid about my head and we began to work together. I slid upand then sucked down slowly at first and then with unbridled haste. Hewas putty in my hands or in this case my mouth and the power bestowed tome of the act gave me a strength and warmth inside even though he wasclearly fucking me, and I was just a vessel to be fucked, I loved it andthe power of doing it.Slowly the pace of the act quickly. Ding, dong."Bobbie, could you get that, dear? You're closest." Sylvia said with abeaming smile. The kind, Bobbie absently noted, from before the death ofher husband.It was Tim, carrying two large pizza boxes. "Hey there, Birthday girl."Kim swept in and relieved him of the pizzas. When she had taken theboxes from Tim, Bobbie noticed a pink box with a gold ribbon in his lefthand. She felt an irresistible urge to grab him, she gave in. Timmeeting her halfway. He hugged Bobbie close, whispered.

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