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I start licking and kissing her upper body, under herbreasts, licking and gently biting your nipples,licking down both of your sides, the inside of yo...rarms. You wonder where I will go next. You hear mebreathing next to your ears. I gently chew on the lobeof your ear. As I chew, you grab between my legs tofeel my cock starting to get hard. As I kiss and put my tongue in your ears, you feel achill up your spine and a chill down the front of you.Your nipples now start to go erect. You also have. I stood up and Mr Bobbie said you look cute honey, he looked at the girls and they giggled and gave him a nod, He lifted up my dress and pulled down my panties and started licking the head of my sissy Clit, licking the precum off while I moaned soon I felt his middy finger enter my ass, this went on for a short time until I eruped in his mouth and swallowed my load, then turned to Mom and the girls and said "She was born to be a slut dearie", they all giggled. We went back to our home and I. He built up a good lather then used both his hands to wash every square cm of my back and legs and whatever was in between. His touch had a remarkable affect on me as by the time he turned me around, my dick was nearly fully erect and threatened to jab him in the stomach. He didn’t blink an eyelid as he started the same treatment on my shoulders, working his way down my arms and chest. When he reached my belly, he was very careful NOT to touch my now throbbing rod. He skilfully washed around it. His clothing were like mine except mine were for girls obviously. My short, short, SHORT shorts were riped and torn and showed quite a bit of my dark violet lace thong. My shirt was pure purple with pictures of wings onthe back. It was also torn to show my matching bra. My choker was different. His thorns that were dimond shape face out wards mine faced inwards meaning I was looking for a master. His eyes shone in the moon light, showing that he was a sinister man, but I could see deep into.

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