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Those are the guys I like to take my time with. I mean shit, you're willing to pay me 250 bucks to fuck me like a lady and I'll show you how nice it be to be a man. On the other hand a lot of the jack rabbits are willing to tip an extra hundred to give me a facial. Usually it involved the poor bastard standing over her grunting out obscenities and a couple of spasms of jizz. For an extra twenty she'd let you dick whip her. Nothing rougher though. “Its such a power trip for them, and. And so am I"she smiled and said "Did I say you have a choice, Lets go"So there I was walking beside this beautiful person. I don't know what got into me but I checked her out. She was about 5'6' with dark blond hair with blond highlights and blue eyes. she had a smaller breasts but they looked perfect on her frame. Her hips and ass were also very nicely preportioned. She was wearing a Royal Blue tank top that stopped above her midriff. The color of her shirt brought out her summer tan. I would simply have to sit there in the office until the police arrived.At the mention of police, I broke down completely, thinking how this would appear to my superiors at the conference and when I returned to my college being accused of stealing from a sex boutique in Amsterdam. In complete tears, I burbled that I did not steal the items and to please not call the police. There had to be another way to resolve the terrible situation that I now found myself in. There was silence for a few. "I'm sorry. I'll go."Vonda sighed, bolted out of the room, and grabbed the girl's hand. "Don't be silly, Pyx. We just want to talk."When she entered the room, Pyx was the reddest I'd ever seen her. "But you are ... and he is..." Oh for Pete's sake. You've seen me naked before; and God knows Alex has seen me naked. I enjoy being naked. It makes me feel free and unencumbered."And as for Alex, he's fully clothed."I shook my head. "Why do people always equate nudity with sin. Didn't it say in.

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