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It’s what you want, right?’ Steph nods, but she can’t move. Her body is tingling with excitement but she can’t move her feet. Tiffany holds ou... her hand and leads her to the master bedroom. Steph follows in a daze and they enter the large marble bathroom. Tiffany immediately strips off her clothes and turns on the shower. Steph marvels her lean, tanned body. ‘Water is about right, come on Steph, you’re not shy now, are you?’ Steph shakes her head and takes her clothes off. Tiffany has already. "This earned me a short giggle. "That sounds tempting. I'll think about it," she promised, before making some excuse about her roommate needing to make an emergency phone call.I reluctantly said goodbye, not satisfied at all with the outcome of our brief conversation. What had happened between her and Adam Corning? They'd seemed so happy together when they came to my house last summer, comfortable really. Of course, Megan and I were happy together back then, too. Shit happens!Margaret and I. Our tongues danced as we kissed. Her full lips tastedsweet as we embraced. Our kiss broke and my hands foundthe bottom of her shirt, raised it over her head andallowed her boobs to break free (Mike had alreadyremoved her bra).As our warm bodies met she shivered and her nippleshardened. I kissed her neck as my hands unbuttoned herjeans. My hands slid into her jeans and as I slid myhands down, I licked my way to her boobs. I took anipple in my mouth as her pants hit the floor. Mytongue swirled. ..” Sarah blurted.Brad gathered his patience. “What?”“Well, could do that,” Sarah finished. “Aren’t you just a Sophomore?”Brad looked at her like she had two heads. “Do you think guys wait until they’re eighteen to grow a dick? What planet are you from, anyway?”Sarah gathered herself. “Why Gina?”Something snapped in Brad. “Get out!” he shouted. “Go the fuck away and stop insulting people!” He waved an arm at the door, angrily.Sarah burst into tears and staggered out.Brad leaned down to kiss.

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