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Now coming to the incidence.After a week after I had posted my previous story I was getting repeated mails from many people among them one was shreya....She had given a long feedback that she liked my story very much and I had sent thanks in reply to herAgain after that email I got a email form shreya ” do you have such a big cock :p , are you so much crazy that you can drive a girl on bed for 3days” she was wondering .By now I knew that she is also a crazy fun loving girl and I had a plan in. Dan could feel the glove just touching his cock inside her pussy, which drove him even more wild. The maid slammed her body back on to his cock and she yelled "Take me deeper slut, deeper!". As she did this the 2 girls on each side of him slid his gloved hands inside their pants - the taller girl slid him down inside her latex pants and the nurse inside her now soaking wet latex panties. He slid a finger inside of each - both girls moaning as he did this.Things turned into a blur - the maid. We never locked that room. Firstly, I thought of not checking it out. I was almost going away. Maybe I did not lock the door? Anyway, it was the last place to check out. So why left it unchecked? I thought. The entrance to the gym was from the balcony. I was cautious while checking the rest of the house. But I did nothing to hide my entrance to the gym as I was not expecting any threat. I just open to door and peeked inside.My sister in-low was lying in all fours with her fully exposed back. I began to massage one foot and Linda sighed, "Oh that does feel good!"I worked on her one foot for awhile and then purposely placed it right in my crotch as I picked up her other foot. As I massaged her other foot the one in my crotch was pressed right against my erect cock. I knew Linda could feel it and that she knew what it was. My cock throbbed and I was sure she could feel it pulsating against the sole of her foot. I massaged the other foot and Linda just sighed and cooed in.

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