‘Today, tomorrow, forever we travel life together. Love Molly,’ it said. He heard the woman coming down the hall outside the bedroom saying in a voice as she dragged out the twice repeated word, ‘Daddy, daddy, we’re going to go see daddy.’ Then as she entered the bedroom she continued, ‘Where’s daddy? Oops! There he is standing there naked, silly daddy.’ Daddy? Was he this baby’s father? How could that be? The woman laid the baby in the center of the bed and then lay on her side. I can't help it. I can't control it."His hand went back to my thigh."You know this means I'll have to teach you a lesson, don’t you?" Yes, Master."He finished his drink and took me by the hand."Come on, then. Let's sort you out, you filthy slut."We walked from the bar and through the reception to the hotel part of the building. There we stepped into a lift. As the doors closed and he pressed the button for the third floor, we were the only two people in there and he pinned me against the wall. Tom arrived about thirty minutes later and I let him in. We sat down together and we could hardly manage any small talk. I think he was as uncertain as I was, and maybe even more so. My wife joined us and the three of us sat together. To say the whole situation was awkward and strained is perhaps an understatement.We were all just feeling weird, yet no one was putting a stop to it.I asked if anyone wanted a beer or wine and Tom asked for beer while Cheryl asked for a glass of wine.I poured. We are doing fine with rabbits, in fact, we are already running a surplus. However, we will have to import sheep and goats from a great distance. On the other hand, I plan to start domesticating aurochs, an ancestor of the cattle I knew at home. The current aurochs are too big and ornery to be easily handled, but I hope to breed for a smaller size and a gentler disposition. This will be another project which must run for years before it will be completed.Next season, I plan to send my diplomats.

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