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..i dont know your son....''''no worry i will never tell , i dont want him to no anything either''''but...i never , i mean im not gay''''comon its not...about gay or straight, its just fun boy, take the cash i will lay down in your bed and let you do it at your pace''''i really woud like to see you mouth around my cock, its a nice cock you will like it''i coudnt believe it, i was walking to my room my friend dad arm on my shoulder kinda walking me to mt doori wasnt trying to stop himhe close my. “Shaun, I hope you don’t mind me calling you that,” he asked.“Not at all Sir” he replied.Silverman smiled again. “Shaun, I applaud your keenness to get back into the fight, but you are not going to be of much use to your men if you can’t function correctly.”“I’m quite confident that I can lead my patrol Sir,” he replied forcefully.Silverman spread his fingers. “So be it then. There have been others out there harassing Rommel, specifically the LRDG and the SAS. Unfortunately, they have sustained. "Let's try," said Mike as I got up on all fours.I figured I wouldn't need much lubrication as I was still full of these tossers cum."Bill you spread her while I work it in." What the fuck! What're you trying to get in me?" Just the coke bottle Doll," replied Mike."Which fuckin end?" The blunt end of course, we all know you could easily take it the other way round." For fuck sake! Hang on then I'll need some lube."I stood up and padded into the house returning with a bottle of star lube."Spread. Karen is the woman that has been running the motel and she and I got to be pretty good friends. Karen said that everything goes well but wait till hunting season, that is when the fun begins and we all make alot of money. Hunting season began and the hotel was booked solid. I noticed alot of the local women running around at all hours and asked Karen about this. She said that the local men are out hunting somewhere else and the women are here getting fucked. Also the men leave tips that we.

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