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We'd better go in and join them. Better put on your smile." Emma tweakedMandy's chin.#McLEAN served coffee (and liqueurs for Dianne and Emma) in the d...awing roomwhile the four of them sat down to play Five Hundred and then Scrabble.Mandy did badly at both. She ended up letting Peter help her choose whichletters to put when it was her turn. They were laughing a lot, and she wassometimes suggesting stupid words that sounded hilarious.I should be annoyed, she thought idly. She wasn't trying to. I said to the individual that we didn't have to do this but a soft finger to my lips and a hush denied that. Almost immediately the person kissed me...the soft and moist lips sent shock waves down my body that I haven't felt in years. I knew it was a woman kissing me. Another kiss happened and another...I lost count and before we knew it we were making out passionately. Her lips crashing hard against mine, her tongue making mine its lover and her hands feeling me up..to which I now had a hard. Helen stood up nervously and walked back to the couch she had first sat on. It was plain to see her awkwardness at having to sit so close to a naked man. “Are you married?” She asked him. “Helen I said an intimate question.” Liz told her. Helen looked at her before turning away. “How often do you make love with your wife?” “I’m not married but I do have a girlfriend and we fuck most nights of the week.” He told her. “Next one Helen.” Liz told her. “And a different question this time please.”. His balls were resting just under my ass and he was pressing in as hard as he could. I felt him shake and then thrust forcefully 2 or 3 times then relaxed and withdrew his cock with his seed seeping out of my ass.We both just laid there breathing hard, my guilt had returned a little and realized I was just ass fucked, but I didn’t say anything. I felt so demoralized again, but quickly buried my feelings and asked Scott, “how did it feel? Bet my ass was tight”. “Oh god”, he said, “that was.

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