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Amelia was curious about sex. She imagined that someday William would be interested in it. She thought that they would discuss it first. As she raised...herself to her elbows, he lie upon her. His kiss was hard, demanding, as she fell back under his weight. His hands scooped her panties down, off her fanny. His foot came up. His toes caught in the panties, pushed them off her legs. His finger found her virgin slit. William begin to tremble, as his cock throbbed. His fingers spread the lips. I slid open the door to see a welcoming fat cock and immediately slid in alongside him grabbing it out of his hand. It was probably the fattest I'd witnessed in the flesh so immediately opened my mouth wide to accommodate it. No sooner was my lips around his cock when his hips thrust forward pushing it deep inside my welcoming mouth. I gagged immediately as he pushed it in and out before quickly shooting his thick load into my mouth. I coughed a little as he withdrew but licked up what was. " It isn't that I just want to be tied up," Sandy said, her head down. "I want to be, um, fucked, um, hard at the same time." Sandy," said Ari with some exasperation in her voice."And, I want... if it's okay and everything, I'd like it if you could have..." the rest was too quiet to hear, although Ken knew what it was."Arg!" said Arianwen, finally losing patience. "She wants you to put a ring gag in her mouth and have me pee in it."The thought, Ken saw, really turned on Sandy, who could think. Gret our new friend was very tactile and was touching Angie which made her even hotter and I was unsure where this would lead but was hoping it would lead to sex. When the sun was setting we were all a little drunk and Hans suggested we carry on drinking in their room , well I thought this could be our first swap, we had talked about it but never made any attempt to go any further, walking into the hotel I whispered to Ange how far do you want this to go & she just kissed my cheek and.

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