She looked so beautiful. Her brown hair flowed down her shoulders, her face was nicely done up with makeup. I looked at her feet to see the most gorge...us heels I had ever seen, following up her bare bronzed legs and saw that she also wore a very short skirt. Her tits were almost exploding out of the bikini top that she was wearing."Hey, Polly! Can I come in?" she asked."Of course!" I said. We leaned in and kissed eachother passionately on the lips before I took her hand and led her into my. Mel had brought over her newest toy, a double headed, eighteen inch rubber dildo and boy did we give it a work out. Each end embedded in our pussies while we thrust at each other."I going to introduce you to Pete," she said softly as if she didn't really want me to hear."Who?" I asked."Pete, he's good friend of mine," she said."Oh yeah, how good a friend?" I asked with a giggle."Very good, if you know what I mean," she said, "good enough for him to arrange a Fuckparty for me." What the hell is. I could feel my cock was going to explode again as Lucy shouted out, Cumming Lucy gripped tightly as she rode out her orgasm. “Mmmmmmmmm now that’s how to satisfy a women, Lucy got up as I rested before putting on my clothes and leaving, I was addicted to Lucy all the way home I relived our sex we had, getting indoors Mary was in the kitchen cooking dinner, Tommy came in and said he would be at home tonight as Lucy had called off their date to being totally worn out, I smirked as to know why. First, her eyes came alive, peeking through her hair. The tiniest smile ticked at the corners of her lips.“I slept in your bed,” she said so very softly. “I slept with you.”Rolling to face her, I brushed her glossy black, messy hair away. I cupped her face and rubbed her cheek with my thumb. Leaning in, I kissed her cheek.“Yes, you did. Thank you.”Addison’s smile erupted, bright, spectacular. “I slept in bed with you!” she exclaimed with enthusiasm. Then she blushed and rolled away. “Gotta go.

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