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With his other hand he delicately leaned her head against his shoulder, and touched his lips to her neck during this relaxing embrace, before letting ...he hand wander away on its own, still trying to find some entertainment in the worn out girl. It rested on her ass, again, and went back to massaging each cheek lovingly before brushing over her ass crack, making the young girl sigh contently as she drifted off to sleep. When her breathing deepened and she was asleep, he tightened his grip on the. Chancing a sidelong glance at the front of her father’s pants, she could see that his bulge was even bigger and harder than before.Seconds later, Martin yanked his daughter’s panties down, pushing them all the way to her ankles. Then he spanked her even harder, so many times she lost count. The sting of her father’s hand was so delicious she actually came just being spanked. When the volley of open hand strikes finally stopped, the girl’s flesh was burning with sensation. Her breathing was deep. When I came back down she was still face down and I finally said, “Get up and eat something. From now on you will eat when I tell you and you will eat everything I bring you. I need you to maintain your strength because if you get sick you are going to die down here.”She got up and immediately started digging into the bacon, eggs, potatoes, toast and fruit I had prepared her and didn’t finish until the plate was clean. I then took everything upstairs and loaded the dishwasher before. Fifteen pounds poorer, I leave the station concourse and get on with themission. I see a reflection of myself in a plate glass window, and I enjoymy new look. I'm pleased to note that I move naturally and appropriatelyfor this body. I know that I can 'sex it up' when I want to please David,too.A twinge of disappointment, though: I'm not attracted to Charley.I'm pleased to look nice... but I don't see myself as somebody I want toscrew. Experimentally, I glance at other women, but the way I.

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