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The only thing I learned is the difference between a snapshot and a photograph.”Charles agreed, saying “If you get that, the rest is easy!”Then blurted out, “Oops!”Before Charles could move to another frame, there was a picture of wife, Nicole! Charles did not realize what was on that spool. Tom could not avoid seeing a shot of Nicole spread out on a bed, buck-naked; her head hung over the edge. Her larger-than-life tits tilted slightly to her sides, but sag they did not. Above her head,. I had sent my two peons for a break as they have to work seven days a week, Divya was so casual with all this she didn’t care a damn. Now Divya and I were alone in my four-storied office building. I went on the ground floor and locked the steel gate from inside without her notice.At 12.30 I called her to my office stating I wanted to see what designs she was doing. Here she was, wearing a off white salwar suit, it started like a routine and I shifted the topic to marketing and told her that. She adjusted the little triangle top so as much tit would show. Then she waited on Tim by the pool. I watched from the house as Tim and Andrea played in the pool. Andrea took her top off and tossed it on her chair. She walked around all casual like with her nicely tanned tits in full view of my buddy. Since our back yard is completely private she soon took off her bottom too. As soon as she did I watched as she stood in front of seated Tim. He put his hands on her hips and pulled her to him .. What I did do was buzz the hostess on the comm, tell her to stall the cop for ten minutes, and bring him up to the red suite. Then I ghosted up the back stairs to find Angel. She was alone in the gold suite, which reeked of sex, but looking remarkably composed as she combed out her lustrous hair. Her panties were gone and her swollen slit was oozing cum, but with a little lipstick she'd be as presentable as she had been at the beginning of the night. What a slut; my cock gave an involuntary.

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