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"Hi Ray, and who is this charming young lady?" he responded."Oh this is Charlady, Charlady meet George, and George meet Charlady!" I continued. "Has T...m and Alan arrived yet George?" I enquired."No not yet, Ray; but they phoned they are on their way!" he replied as he showed us into the living room.As George went to make us some drinks, the doorbell suddenly rang and he called out, "That's them now as Tom was going to pick Alan up!" suddenly both the new arrivals were stood before us and. My large arm wrapped around her neck and shoulders from behind pulling her body back into mine while my other hand pulled a pre-treated cloth from my jacket pocket. She tried to say something as the cloth covered her nose and mouth but it was muffled. Her magnificent body struggled futilely against me but that only made her breathe deeper, inhaling the chemical into her lungs.I held her for a minute as she struggled to free herself from my iron grip. She had dropped the package and pen and her. The flower bouquet dried and turned brown. I never threw it away. On the anniversary of Steve Reed’s death I met with members of his family at the church they attended in Anacostia in South East Washington. Together with their minister we visited Steve’s grave in Arlington National Cemetery. They left flowers. I planted a small American flag next to the tomb stone. Once a Marine, always a Marine. Semper Fi – Always faithful. I did not go back to the Italian restaurant. One. She asked me to clarify it, have said to her what have noticed it. So 4m next day onwards she used to dress properly and was not possible for any guy to have a glance of her melons but I was dying to have a glance, days are passing out she became my girl friend, now I want to suck her melons and want to sleep with her for that I need golden time and moreover she was a good friend of my mom and was a busy women used to travel a lot, whenever my mom used to call her she used to come home for.

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