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You can see the fear in her eyes. “I’m scared,” she whispers. “Me too,” you answer, then realising that that’s not very helpful. “But ...e’ll get through this together.” “What if there’s no getting through? What if there’s nothing they can do? Or maybe they still don’t know what it is…” “Don’t…” you say, interrupting her. “Don’t say things like that.” You both wait for a couple of minutes, before you hear the doctor ask for Danielle. “Hi Danielle, how are you?” he asks. “Fine,” she answers. They are friends of mine. They live near here and go to school with me. Deb, Alan, this is Camille Diana Raimond, she is from Lyon, France and has moved here to live with me. She is an orphan like me. We ran in to each other in the Bahamas and we have been inseparable since.”“Wow. Um, hi, Cam. Why has Jack been hiding you? We thought he was just weird but now I see he just had incredibly high standards.” Alan said, making a production of bowing over her fingers.Debbie wacked him on the back of. Finding a suitable card to mark your 55th birthday has been nigh impossible. It seems ridiculous and inane to wish “Happy birthday” etc but I do hope you make the best of it as you can - and the days that follow. As we’ve said many times, the fates dealt us a strange hand and it’s rather ironic that this reunion of ours all started with my “thin and ill” Facebook picture. Devastating as your situation is, I must tell you that I’m pleased that we were brought together again. Our too brief. Leave."As the door slammed behind him, I leaned my head back against the window. The rain was coming down harder now and I could make out the shape of the old elm out front, its boughs bending under the relentless wind.Try as I might, I couldn't get Shane's words out of my head. "Damn, you're good!" It had been almost a year since anyone had said that to me. God! Had it really been that long? Sometimes it seemed like it had been a lifetime ago, yet the memory was as clear as if it'd just been.

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