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. He eased his big cock in me and I groaned it felt so good but it also built the hunger. Then he slowly fucked me as he said,"Kitten, you have really...stirred Sam up. He thinks you are as sexy as I do... "I admit I liked that idea... specially at that instant. I was so hot, so horny... I think I would have fucked a door knob. I groaned and pressed my overheated pussy against my lover and said,"Hmmm Pop... he is nice... reminds me of you a lot. I'm flattered he finds me appealing." Kate darling,. Even though, like Becki, Jay too had noticed the man was in great physical shape, he found it strangely arousing to discover what a dirty little bitch his girlfriend was, and secretly, often imagined the stranger fucking her. The sex they were having had become more intense than anything either of them had previously experienced, she was having multiple or continuous orgasms in a world of her own with her eyes rolled back in her head, and he was fucking her angrily like the whore she'd become.. I enjoyed every second of what we did." "I'm glad you enjoyed it" I answered "but it can never happen again. She sadly said "I know."She directed me to her tent and I took her inside to place her on her cot to rest. Before I could leave she said "Could you stay with me for a little while please?" "Ok" I replied. She was sitting up on her cot and had me sit beside her. She wrapped her arms around my neck again and I reciprocated by holding her in a warm embrace. She then gave me one of those. I noticed that and I asked her to come to my house when I text her.I waited and texted her when my parents went out for a marriage out of station.She had made and excuse in her house by saying am going to brother’s house as he is alone and he is feeling alone. No one even guessed what we are up to and that was our plus point.She came to my house and we both are alone in our house, I went and looked the grills gate and went inside.She was waiting for me by sitting on sofa in our Hall, and she.

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