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The slats on my bed keep falling off and I am not able to fix it myself. If I hold up the mattress, can you put my slats back under the bottom?Sal jumped for joy. This was a ready-made situation. It would be a quick move from fixing the bed to testing it out with him on top of her."Well, Alice, we can take care of that right now if you want. That way you can get some stress free rest tonight and not worry about winding up on your ass on the floor."For a mature woman, Alice McGregor had a. I quietly asked "can you please repeat the question, I just didn't hear ya"? , of course I heard her! She put her mouth to mine , kissed and licked my lips, looked in my eyes and whispered again " Your sister Donna is really pretty! Did you or your brothers ever peep or spy on her to see her naked"? I just said "maybe , why , did your brothers ever peep on you"? She said out loud "yes , now you answer"! I said "Yes"! right away , than I followed up with "why do do ask"? Lisa whispered "this. She nestled in against me and drifted off as I read from my Kindle. Soon her breathing and the effort caught up to me and I joined her in napland.A little later, I felt a cool breeze on my face. The fog was rolling in and I’d left the window above our bed open. I pulled the weighted blanket over her and got out of bed, just putting on some sweats and a short sleeve shirt. It was later than I had planned, so I fired up the grill and dressed some asparagus in EVOO and balsamic to accompany the. I will need your help."Karen and Beth came over. Mom grabbed my balls. She started to tuckthem in my body. Karen said, "Mom that looks easy. Can Beth or I try?"Mom said, "Sure. You might to do this for Sam in case I am not home."Karen and Beth followed mom's actions. Sure enough, my balls werestuffed into my body. Karen and Beth were very good at it. They justkept tucking and stuffing. Mom finally had to tell them to stop. Momsaid, "Sam put on your panties. Tomorrow we will take you shopping.

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