The numbers of the attackers were growing and their sieges were coordinated and well-planned. Refugees began to come into or pass through Trias as villages and towns began to fall to the evil beasts of the Wildlands.Gianna and Tayne were nearly a month old, and it was coming up on the sixth week that Shalzen had been gone. Atheria secretly started to fear for her old friend, and started to make plans to move the two women and hide them, in case Maygis came looking for them. But after. It was already very wet. I stripped off my boxers and grabbed her and put her down on the bed. I started kissing her like a lover, not an employee. She kissed back. My cock was so hard it was starting to ache. She grabbed it again and I started mauling her little titties and nipples, then I sucked on them. She started jacking me off. Then she did something she had maybe dreamed of, but had never done before. She leaned over and kissed my cock. Then she licked it. She shivered with lust. She put. Now, get your legs pressed against your chest. Here we go!-As I did what he said, he slowly entered me. Glad he did it slowly. Fast thrusting could have hurt me.After a while fucking me slowly like that, he asked,-should I go faster?--yeah…a little-He started increasing his pace, until I said,-wait…that is fast enough-And he kept fucking me in that speed. Maybe because of my coming, I was not feeling around me much. But still, the sensation inside me was sensational as always. I was smiling and. Whatever platform I was lying on was soft and comfortable. I strain my eyes to catch a glimpse of anything that would indicate where I was. On either side was noting but white walls. There was no sound except a very low hum that seemed to come from all around. As more time passed and no one coming to my aid I began to panic and shifted the weight of my body and then I felt what I assumed to be a finger press down on my forehead. I tried to speak but even my voice was robbed from me. "Relax,".

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