She slid her lips slowly back along my shaft, freeing my cock which sprung to attention. I thrust my hips forward in the hope of finding her mouth aga...n, but instead, I felt a sharp, stinging flick from the crop - and then another, and another. I moaned. The blows weren’t as hard as before, but hard enough to soften my cock again. The blindfold also meant the blows came completely without warning. There was silence again and once more she took my semi-hard cock into her mouth. It hardened. I had an exam that morning but I remember not being able to concentrate and as soon as I could I shot out of the exam hall and rode round to her house, I was unbelievably excited but scared stupid as well. Gladys was in her forties, quite short , nothing special really but at that moment she was the only woman in the world. I walked into the kitchen and she was there washing up at the sink, this is it I thought to myself, do or die and I reached around her cupping her breasts in my hands, my. ”Faith sighed. “Yeah,” she mumbled. She stood up, and tapped Chase’s shoulder to get him to follow suit. Wordlessly, the pair got up and scanned their surroundings for a few more seconds before Chase pointed in a direction and the two began to walk again.Their first hour of walking was silent, until Chase piped up. “Are you feeling well?”Faith chuckled sadly. “No worse than usual,” she told him. “I thought we would make progress by now.”“We’re two individuals running from an organized system. Aaron also named me ‘Sex on Wheels’ after the song by My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult because of the way I cruised around at night. Chapter SevenMy friend Aaron who I mentioned in the previous installment of my story was also famous for giving me another nickname, which some still call me after I tell them the story I’m about to tell you. One night when Aaron and I were out at one of the Castro bars (I was still 20 years old at the time) I met a man who took me to his place nearby and when I.

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