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To aid my education Miraoften brought home more than a few porn DVD's, and with out pushing theissue got me to begin to identify with the female, and ...emale roleperforming shemales in them!Even though things were speeding up it still did not occur to me whatMira was doing and again I went compliantly along with her demands. Withthe amount of sex we indulged in it was not to long before making'proper' noises during sex became habit for me, and as a reward Miragave me a day off saying. "Sue. I'm sorry." "We're not done, Nora." He turned and walked out of the room, turning out the light as he left, leaving her bound and crying. Her crying subsided while she lay there, but the burning in her crotch and the tingling in her pussy remained, but her bondage prevented her from doing anything to assuage either. She tried to keep her mind off it, but in the dark, unable to move, alone, there was nothing else. She was startled by the ceiling light turning on, forcing her to blink. She tipped. Victoria had sent a textto say that she was ordering Chinese takeaway for delivery at 7pm so noneed to prepare anything. I opened a bottle of white wine and satreading.Victoria arrived home about 5.30pm and checked my outfit. She approvedand went to change. She reappeared in a flared black skirt, soft whitesweater but also had on hosiery and a pair of low black heels. "Ithought that I needed to stay smart given your outfit. That look suitsyou, even with the nose chain. Perhaps we need to. Jay called, reminding us of our run; he was heading down to the lobby to meet us there. I told him we were just about ready. Then Sabrina exited the bathroom; seeing me hang up the phone, all she had to say was, "Dad?" I nodded, she giggled, and we got dressed.Our run went smoothly, then back to the hotel to change. Sabrina was being touchy-feely, which caused further frustration to my mind and body. I managed to survive that with a smile and a bit of a tingle. She was slowly breaking down my.

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