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I gasp because I really have no idea. My wife/Mistress has decided to send me here for my hair appointment and made all the arrangements. I notice tha... Dana has a huge tray on wheels next to her.She takes my hair; starts to blow-dry it with a roller brush. When she gets done blow-drying its all dry in huge full waves. My hair is then put in curls with a medium curling iron, sides and top. Then she tells me to put my head forward and she starts to pin the back of my hair up. Pin after pin are. We worked closely with Miss Vickyas more and more of Mother's friends found out that they would love toutilize our expertise to punish or transform equally nasty son's andhusbands into a more worthwhile piece of humanity. It was our plan forMiss Vicky, at her salon, to do the initial humiliations and to do themonth in and month out feminization which would be a necessity. At oursalon we would take over from Miss Vicky after the would-be sissy was inshock from his initial humiliations. The. .. am falling for you, I hope you know that." He said."Well, then, the feeling is getting mutual." I said, smiling."But just as you shared your past with me, I have something I need toshare with you, before you decide if we can be together in a morepermanent way. "Then he took my hand, and led me to his chambers.They weren't much different from mine, except the bed was plainer, andinstead of a vanity he had a small writing desk and beside that a largebookcase full of books.He went up to the. “You're right,” he said and gave his little sister a knowing smirk, then he turned to Rebecca, “especially if you helped her pick it out.”“Nope, not me,” Rebecca said. “Darlene's responsible for that.” She pointed at Gloria's butt.Something snapped in Evan's mind. “Darlene?” That was worse that Deana and Rebecca. “You went to the mall with Darlene?”“No,” Deana said, “we ran into her. She was shopping for a bikini, too.”Evan tried to remember if he told Jason where his sisters were. “Who was she.

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