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I am a mechanical engineer with a specialty in jet engines. I spent my Navy service aboard a carrier where I made my reputation as a man who could fix...anything. I guess it’s a talent, almost a feeling, for what is wrong with an engine. I seem to have an uncanny knack for spotting the problem before it happens and brings down the plane. Four years of fixing engines were more than enough. Naval work was grueling. A carrier can be a pressure cooker for those who are in charge and, therefore,. I watched her as she punched a few keys on her computer, and I caught myself wondering what she looked like under the green business suit that all the hotel employees wore. "A non-smoking room," she confirmed, and went quickly about her business, printing off my receipt and getting my key card.She stepped momentarily away from the counter, and I looked at her body. She wore a knee length dress, and underneath black stocking that showed incredible legs. I could feel myself rising in my pants,. As she sat next to me, the temperature in the truck felt like it went up 20 degrees. I could feel the heat from her body as her leg touched mine, causing my cock to swell and harden even more. My stiff cock ached as it was confined inside my jeans straining to get free. Leeza broke the tense silence as she said in her softest sultry voice, "Uncle Ron, after our driving lesson, can you give me another lesson about sex?" I damn near crashed the truck as my heart pounded just thinking of fucking. I can see it now. U laying there face down my hands go around ur hips. I penetrate nice and slow. U moan as I ease it out. Slow back in ur ass so tight give a nice smack just to let u know I'm in control and I'm being forgiving. Then it happens one hand goes for ur hair and pull as I trust hard pop is all u hear u gasp first before u moan. I'm now laying on u pulling ur hair but my other hand mmmmmm around ur hip and down because it the one playing with ur clit don't worry ill nibble on ur.

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