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.. I will do anything you say to get smarter sir! You tell me to close one nostril at a time & inhale as much as I can, so I do and I immediately melt...into a state of relaxation... Oh my god sir, this is amazing, I feel so warm, so relaxed, so open... I feel amazing, what is this stuff, it is incredible. You tell me it's an ancient oriental herbal mix, when actually it is poppers:)So how do I absorb some of your knowledge sir?Well Danni, I'm sure you've heard of the term seeds of knowledge? Yes. ''''dont be shy, this is your cock , no one can come here its quiet and secret, just suck like you want boy, i really need it''his word sinking in, that calm voice convincing me it was all ok''hold it , and kiss it until you want a taste''my fingers around the veiny shaftholding it up ,taking place closer head between his legs down and my lipse kissed the cockhis calm voice telling me it feels goodas i kiss him down all around his hard cockstarting to feel horny holding him kissing it i. Nathiya thanthai oru santhegap prani, eppozhuthum santhegap patu konde irupaar.Ilamaiyaana pen naan vasikum veethil 6 maathamaaga irunthe theriyaamal irunthu irukirathu enbathu than miga mosamaana vizhayam.Pennai pothi pothi veetile ada kaaka vaikiraargal endru manathil ninaithu konden, en veetu motai maadiyil irunthu aval veetu motai maadi azhagaga theriyum. Anal endrum aval veetirku vanthathe kidaiyaathu antha alavirku nathiyaavai pothi pothi vaithu irunthaargal.Enaku aval meethu santhegam. We got in her car and when the coat fell down by her leg to show lots of leg all I could think was there must be something very short under it. I couldn’t help myself I just kept glancing at her legs and I’m sure she must have caught me because her hand dropped and moved the coat but I thought she would pull it up over her leg but no she moved it off to expose even more. I looked at her and she just smiled and winked at me. Still unsure I hoped she wouldn’t notice my arousal.She drove about 2.

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