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We got into our sleeping bags and turned the pressure lamp out and I settled in to sleep. Then as the night closed in around us I heard my sister whis...er, "Johnny, I smelled your cum last night. Did you enjoy yourself?"My heart instantly began to pound in my chest and I knew that my face and ears must be flaming red and total embarrassment and humiliation flowed over me. How would I ever live this down? Caught jacking off by my sister. I could imagine her telling all her girlfriends about her. She just brought her feet up a little but so the top of her toe was now touching the underside of my balls. and then a noise from the bedroom door, her mother had woken up for a drink and noticed this. she then said "oooh, what do we have here now, nithya? he is still succumbing to your orders huh? not bad. what is he saying now? or rather what is that tiny little kunju of his saying?". her mother came and sat next to her daughter on the couch cross legged too. "ooooh, look at how cute he is,. The heat of his body made her shudder. He took a loud, deep sniff of her while caressing along the full curve of her. To express her displeasure, she growled through her muzzle. The restraints felt like an insult. Was he worried she might bite him?His moist tongue was hot against her ear. She flicked it forcefully, doing her best to seem enraged by his attention, but her heart thumped painfully in her chest. His nose quivered at the scent of her anxiety.“You know, mutt,” he rumbled, continuing. ” “Get the hell out of here. “Fuck you.” “Nope. Get out.” ********* Jimmy wasn’t at the swimming pool, and he wasn’t with one of the girls from quality control. He was in the studio apartment of a woman he met at the gym they had in their apartment complex. He had spotted for her last week. She had given him a smile that was mostly dimples while he stood above her, and he’d enjoyed it. He also enjoyed the view as she pushed the weights up, and then let them slowly fall to her breasts, as well.

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