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” He told Danny.“They have Black Cab coffee over there. Let’s grab a cuppa and then meet the electricians.” Danny said.“You go with the tea,...I’m going to pretend I’m American redneck and get a large coffee.” Harry said smiling at him.“Why, are you knackered? Marcy keep you up last night, yeah?” Danny asked.“If you’d told me that she’d wake up in the middle of almost every night and want a shag while she’s pregnant, I’d have called you a liar. I can’t keep her off me...” Harry said.“Are you. " Thank you, Donna, very nice," I said, "now tell me what you want to do." Well I know I'm too well built for the catwalk," she smiled at me, "but I'll like to do films." Ok, lets start at the beginning," I said, "unless you have attend a recognised stage school you can forget films, well for awhile at least. The only way is for you to get yourself noticed, like Liz Hurley or Kelly Brooks did a few years ago." Oh," she said her smile faded slightly."Ok so where do we go from here, firstly do. Fir unhone muje facebook pe bhi add kiya tha. Or number. Bhi exchange kiya tha. Jab kuch bhi kam hota to vo muje bulati thi. Or me usi bahane unko dekh leta tha. Me jab bhi unke gar jata bhabhi kuch kamse niche jukti to me unke bobs ke bich ki darar dekhke exeite hota tha. Unka figute 32 30 34 tha dikhneme ek dam cute dikhti thi.Fir bhabhi ka bachcha school jane laga tha. Me jab garpe hota to unke bachche ko school. Chodne sathme jate the. Ham dono ke bich me bahot. Achi friendship ho gai thi.. I soaked in the hot tub for about 15 minutes when Habib came in…to see me.. ..not saying a word… he knelt down at the side of the tub… took a large cloth… and began to rub my back..I told him “Habib…its very good feeling…the way you washing me and rubbing me”He said “Now sink down and raise your legs”.He proceeded to wash each leg slowly from my feet to my crotch. As he moved up my thigh, my cock getting hard..Habib didn’t take notice, but continued washing my legs.When he finished, he said.

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