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I pointed out to Nancy that there were only fifteen girls on the squad, one of whom was my sister, and there were fifteen regular season games, not to...mention playoffs. Nancy laughed and said "Don't get greedy Mr big shot quarterback" There's pretty even bets that most of the girls won't have to do this at all." I reached for her saying "Don't count on it. I kind of like this whole "good luck" scheme."But she slapped my hands away. "I wish we could Bobby, but the rules are... just once, right. "Sounds like we both better start looking around!" He laughed as he teased back."Do you think a boy would be interested in me?" Elly asked with a smile."Yes! You're a little hottie! When I saw you that first time getting off..." Suddenly his voice trailed off as became aware how much she sexually excited him.Elly also became quiet as they just watched TV. He could feel her being restless."You really liked seeing me playing with my pussy." Elly said as Ron felt uncomfortable as his cock started. In fraction of a second, I took off my clothes & threw them all over the room. Then she lied down and asked me to pull-out her panty slowly. As I was unveiling her shaved love-hole, my eyes were popping out. Her milky white pussy was shining with her wet juices and its smell was making me dizzy. I couldn’t hold myself & started sucking her pussy-juices in madness. She was oozing & moaning and she encircled her legs on my back. She was pressing my head against her pussy. She asked me to come. I told her to open her mouth. Ashley opened her mouth with her tongue out and I slid just the head of my cock in slowly and then pulled it out. I slapped her tongue with my cock and then I slid the head in her mouth again. I kept this up for a minute or so. I could see the hunger in Ashley's eyes. She wanted all of my cock in her mouth. I grabbed the feather. Again, I softly ran it along Ashley's body. Caressing her skin with the feather. Ashley giggled and laughed and begged me to stop. I.

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